Wednesday, December 23, 2009

night before takeoff

hi lovely parents, here is a blog to make you sleep a little better at night! every few days click on the link i sent you in the email.

still in the beautiful Boulder, Colorado where light, dry and sparkly snow is piling up. just came back from chilling with/accidentally running into high school peoples at southern sun pub. Luckily, DIAis familiar with my namesake and with a bit of luck all flights will be on time tomorrow.

itinerary: christmas eve Denver - NYC - DC - Rome - Addis Ababa - Lubumbashi boxing day. fingers crossed a dude named Tshishiku will pick me up from the airport.

packing up a lil duffel and backpack: passport, photocopies of passport, rain stuff, alot of pills, dubai phone (same one, alex!), crosswords, french/kiswahili dictionaries, emergency whistle (unnecessary, dad), antimosquito things, pens/gifts for academics, cameras (tentative), heavily edited and but untouched thesis drafts, some clothes n shizz etc etc.

roger that, over and out.

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  1. Sweet. Looking forward to some engrossing posts. Take some pics if you can. (Ali)