Saturday, December 26, 2009

belgian keyboards make no k ind of sense!!!

this keyboard is hard to type on so i am doing bullet points (photos right are addis ababa, ethiopia. you can see amharic on the sign)

- shockingly did not miss the flight in addis ababa, and sat next to these chinese mining company workers on the lubumbashi plane that had the most hard liquor ive ever seen on a plane refreshment cart.
- after a semichaotic exit from the plane/customs i wandered around an hour or so to find a sim card (Zain is here!) for my beautiful uganda/dubai phone to call this guy who was supposed to pick me up.
- realized that the driver of my car was driving on the right side of the road (former belgian colony), but was also sitting on the right side of the car. this is because katanga, the province im in, uses cars from australia (that are used in zambia, former british colony) as well as cars from brasil/europe.
- ppl speak french and swahili interchangably qnd use congolese francs, US dollars and euros everyzhere (below is a pic of downtown lubumbashi from bbc)

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