Friday, December 25, 2009

Attention all travelers

1. Snow Globes Are Not TSA-Approved.
"We are not in cahoots with the Heat Miser, but snow globes are not permitted in your carry-on luggage. They are sealed containers full of liquid that would have to be opened and destroyed to test. We’re not in the business of busting snow globes, so we suggest you place them in your checked baggage or mail them ahead of time."

2. why can you always spot missionaries from a mile away? because theyre dressed up as Santa and an elf on the flight to ethiopia.

3. persuaded flight agent to assign me a window seat for the addis-lubumbashi flight. score!


  1. Viv! have so much fun, and take a few pictures to show us when you get back if you have the chance...I know sometimes it's awkward/touristy/annoying but maybe you'll look back and be glad that you did.

    merry xmas!
    miss you
    love, cara b.

  2. I am having fun reading your blogs, but feeling very insecure about posting comments...never done anything like this. Take care and enjoy the adventure. love, mom

  3. don't you know how many snowglobes are used in movies and tv to kill people? geez, common knowledge.