Sunday, January 10, 2010

copper/cobalt mine (gecamines)

lubumbashi is a mining city - the huge black pile is a NCAR-sized mountain of dirt from which copper has already been extracted (check out that grammar! french is forcing me to shape up haha). now they are extracting other things like germanium and cobalt. as a result, there is a huge area of former forest that is now bare from factory smoke/acid rain which is now where miners/families live.

the belgian prof studies environmental restoration through adapted local plants that could prevent erosion and heavy dust in the dry season in mining-affected areas. the turquoise pebbles and greenish tinge of the ground is an oxidized copper coating (think: columbia roofs, except all over where its not supposed to be).

Gecamines = La Générale des Carrières et des Mines


  1. Facinating reports, '... oxidized copper coating...' I am impressed. the photos do not look comforting, do you know where people get their water?

  2. Keep up the posts, Vivian. I find your experiences and observations very interesting. Looking forward to following right behind you next month...I'll be in Lubumbashi Feb 17. Hope the rest of your time there proves fruitful!